Culinary Consultant

Judith has made an extensive career of using food as the ‘hook’ to attract and entertain, making her Chicago’s go-to person for projects of all types and scope.

Her lifetime of expertise has encompassed training classes and brochures for major manufacturers, project and event management, team-building programs, product demonstrations, and recipe development, among many other examples.

Previous clients have included:

  • Calphalon Cookware
  • Gaggenau
  • Bosch
  • Gallery37/After School Matters
  • Starbucks
  • Spanek

Deemed “Chicago’s Culinary Ambassador” by the Chicago Tribune, Judith’s resources in the culinary community can be yours too.  Who do you need to know?  What do you need to do?  Let Judith’s extensive culinary background and expertise work for you.


Read what some clients have had to say about Judith:

“Judith handled training sessions for our company for several years.  She is at the top of the culinary industry – promotion, organization, preparation, presentation,  all professionally and skillfully orchestrated – wherever, whenever.”