Tour Guide

Judith leading a tour in Pilsen.Judith’s tasty and fascinating food tours combine her keen interest in Chicago’s diverse ethnic and geographic neighborhoods with an ability to connect visitors with the history of those neighborhoods and cuisines.

  • Chicago’s Food Firsts
    Let Judith take you on a walking tour of the Loop to discover Chicago’s ‘Food Firsts’, and learn how inventions and ideas influenced what and how we eat today.
  • Pilsen – Wander through the vibrant Pilsen neighborhood and be transported south of the border to Mexico without ever leaving Chicago.
  • Chinatown – Enjoy a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the intersection of tradition and modernity in the fascinating ethnic enclave of Chinatown.
  • Multi Ethnic Neighborhoods – Experience multicultural neighborhoods and see how those cultures coexist on Argyle Street (multi Asian) or Devon Avenue (Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern).

For those looking to delve deeper into the city’s unique culinary history and culture, let Judith arrange a bus tour customized to a special interest or theme of your choice.  Experience the world of food through Chicago’s neighborhoods!

Tours may be arranged from two hour to all-day or evening excursions.

Interested in a personalized walking tour of one of Chicago’s neighborhoods, the Loop or a tour specifically focused on Chicago’s foods?   Go to to register. Request Judith Hines as your guide and specify which tour focus you are most interested in.

Walk Chicago Tours just received Trip Advisor Excellence Award for 2013 given to the top ten percent of the tour industry world wide.


Read what some guests have had to say about Judith’s food tours:

“Judith is wonderful and one of a kind tour guide!”
My family asked for customized tour: mixture of architecture, Tiffany glass, Millennium park. No matter how much you try to choose the best tour during your precious vacation, it all depends on the tour guide 🙂 Oh, my! We got it all! Judith is not just very knowledgeable tour guide, but also very talented story-teller, who makes hours fly like minutes. Thanks to her work for city government she can tell stories you won’t hear from tour guides, who learn the history by book. During the tour we got some rain and she kept us entertained and fascinated regardless which building we used for our cover :)!

“Just wanted to say thanks for a really wonderful tour. It was fun,
informative and really renewed my interested in Asian cooking of all kinds.”

“This was so much more than a neighborhood tour; it was a true cultural and culinary immersion that delighted everyone who attended”

“I want to tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated the tour.  I think about the rich history of the area and I feel like I learned so much that day.  We pass by areas thousands of times without really looking at them.  The experience left me wanting to do more of these.“

“Our ‘mobile classroom’ to and from the neighborhood was simply fabulous.  The street food, along with the stories shared, was inspiring.”