Edible Gardens Cucumbers

Edible Gardens Cucumber Sandwiches

Photo and styling by Judith Dunbar Hines

When was the last time you visited Lincoln Park Zoo? The zoo always has plenty of things to see, but cooks and gardeners should certainly check out the Edible Gardens at the entrance to the Farm in the Zoo.

Where a patch of farm corn and soybeans used to grow, the 1000-square-foot plot now features nearly 100 types of edible plants thanks to a cooperative effort between the zoo and Chicago Green City Market.  Just looking into the garden from the pathways is an inspiration but frequent workshops and demonstrations provided by The Organic Gardener (theorganicgardener.net) give hands-on information on planting, tilling, harvesting and ways to use the plentiful results so Chicago gardeners can replicate their efforts in their own garden or balcony pots. (Get the schedule here: lpzoo.org/events/calendar/edible-gardenContinue reading

T’is the season for peas at the farmers markets

Spring peas salad

(Chandler West~Chicago Sun-Times) Photo styling by Judith Dunbar Hines

When the calendar flips to June, a gardener’s calendar notes that it’s time for peas.

There’s no mystery about that, since peas take a short 60 days from planting to maturity and, because they love cool weather, are one of the first things planted. Once they bloom, it is only a matter of days until harvest. Continue reading

Mother’s Day Souffle

Mother's Day soufflé

(Chandler West~Chicago Sun-Times) Photo styling by Judith Dunbar Hines.

Recipe: Mother’s Day Souffle

In years of teaching people to cook, I have had wonderful kitchen experiences. The best is the beaming smile of a novice when something that seems difficult is revealed to be doable.

One of those moments can be yours, too. And when it happens, you want an appreciative audience. You want Mom’s approval!

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