Vegan Pumpkin Tamales with Black Bean “Mole”

We’ve all been through major life changes. Whether voluntary or mandated, lifestyle or dietary, you know that when you make changes, things, well, change!

If you have recently moved to a vegan diet, you have made some major changes. You had to learn how to order at a restaurant and how to look for hidden no-nos on a menu. You had to red a lot of labels at the supermarket. You learned how to make adjustments in your cooking at home. But inevitably when you made those changes, you no doubt miss some things you once thought of as common in your diet but have now eliminated.

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Happy Birthday Julia!

Just after finishing my culinary school training, I attended a food professionals’ conference in New York. At one of the lectures, the seat next to mine remained empty until a very tall woman arrived. I immediately recognized her, but I was too much in awe to speak. She, however, didn’t pause as she leaned over and said “Well, who are you and what do you do?” I stumbled out something about just graduating and trying to decide if I should make food my life’s work or stay in another industry. In that breathy voice and warm manner we all know well, she patted my hand and said “Oh, it’s a fine career, Dearie. Go for it!”
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